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HSE-Solutions Ltd are a specialist Occupational Health, Safety and Environment consultancy firm based in Scotland, offering services throughout the UK and Europe. We pride ourselves in providing a professional service which will give a totally integrated approach to managing your Health, Safety and Environment issues at work.


All employers have a legal obligation to train staff on all the Health and Safety requirements within that individuals work activity

Noise Assessments

Exposure to high noise levels for extended periods of time can cause irreversible hearing damage.

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In a culture of increased litigation, no business can risk ignoring its workplace Health,

Safety and Welfare obligations

Regardless of size, every company is affected by Health and Safety Regulations that impose duties, obligations and penalties both on the companies concerned and on the management and directors personally.

Today's reality is:

The average cost of a claim due to a workplace incident is more than £20,000 The indirect costs associated with an incident is a minimum of four times the direct cost

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What can we do for you?



Health and Safety legislation and the working practices required to meet legislative requirements can be a burden on the operation and profit centre of any organisation.



HSE-Solutions Ltd offer a "one stop shop" to our clients in relation to all health and safety advice and support.



Many managers are unclear how Environment legislation affects their business. Stricter legislation and growing public awareness means that companies are increasingly at risk of regulatory action,


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