Vibration at Work
There has been growing concern about the effect of prolonged and regular work with high-vibration equipment on users. Without effective identification, quantification and controls, employees using such equipment could suffer various forms of damage known as "Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome" (HAVS) (which is a prescribed industrial disease). HAVS is also currently one of the most common reasons for occupational ill health claims made against employers.

Risk Assessment
Wherever employees are at risk, employers must consider what action is necessary to reduce the risk, so far as is reasonably practicable, to meet the requirements of legislation.

Employers must conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments on all work that could expose employees to hazardous levels of vibration. Employers must also establish appropriate arrangements and control measures to minimise the risks. VibrotagsŪ can assist you to fulfil all of these requirements.

2005 sees the launch of Vibrotag Ltd's unique "traffic light" colour-coded VibrotagsŪ warning system that combines our existing exposure points system to assist in providing a practical means of managing Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) exposure within the workplace, helping employers comply with current European guidance and regulations aimed at regulating levels of HAV that employees can be exposed to at work.

The range of colour coded VibrotagsŪ display an immediate visual reference of the HAV risk level associated with each piece of equipment. If employees use only "green" tools they would stay below the Exposure Action Value (EAV) as described within the Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and the use of either green or amber tools would ensure that all employees stay below the Exposure Limit value (ELV) as detailed within the above regulations. Use of tools marked with a red VibrotagŪ indicates tools that could potentially result in an individual exceeding the ELV at some point within the day. This is where the unique VibrotagŪ points system will assist in ensuring that exposure is kept below the desired level.

Robust enough to withstand extremes of weather and temperature, VibrotagsŪ are equally at home underground or underwater and are unaffected by oil or solvents. They can be either printed or supplied plain with a special marking pen. VibrotagsŪ help employers manage the risk of HAV by providing a cost-effective and above all, long-lasting method of displaying vibration hazard warnings.

VibrotagŪ Exposure points
One of the most common problems in relation to the estimation of vibration exposure is where employees use more than one piece of vibration equipment per day. This would normally require complicated mathematics to be completed daily by the user, however, VibrotagŪ exposure points allows this maths to be completed within our unique computer software allowing the employer to simply mark the equipment accordingly with the appropriate colour coded VibrotagŪ. The user then simply adds the points together allowing them to estimate and manage their own vibration exposure.

Medical Surveillance
Where employees are exposed above the EAV employers must conduct medical surveillance on exposed employees. VibrotagŪ along with our exposure point system allows both your Occupational Health provider and operational management to speak the same language i.e. an employee can provide accurate levels in the form of exposure points per day to the nurse or doctor and the occupational health provider can provide meaningful guidance back to the operational management team. If an employee is suffering symptoms, the occupational physician is able to restrict the individual exposure by means of restricting the total exposure points the person can be exposed to. This reduced level can then be managed by both the employee and their supervisor.

VibrotagŪ in conjunction with HSE Solutions Ltd are unique in offering a whole range of tailored vibration solutions for all industries. This includes the development and implementation of Hand Arm Vibration management programmes, management and staff training, vibration assessments and advice on medical surveillance programmes. All services can be tailored specifically to your needs in order to provide you, the client, with the complete vibration solution.

The package includes a management awareness and vibration management pack and our unique exposure point calculation software (subject to minimum order). At less than Ģ1 per VibrotagŪ, this represents a cost effective solution to a complex problem.

Further Information
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